Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher on the Search Engine Results Page & Increase the size of your listing


The steps we will follow to increase you website's organic visibility

Market Research

The first step would involve researching the market, your competitors and the similar service offerings that there are out there. We will need to know the whole scenario of the market so that we can position your business so that it will stand out.

Keyword Research

The positioning that has been determined from the previous stage will help us define the right set of keywords that we should look for. These keywords will be used for pages and most importantly, for content such as articles. These keywords will have multiple uses and will be handed over to you so that you may continue using them.


We will carry out a number of tests using our technical tools and evaluate the performance of your site. We will benchmark it against the suggested search engine standards and fix any issues that hinder it from ranking higher.


We will carry out retina testing with 5 participants to determine whether there are any issues that may reduce site bounces, conversions and other stats that hinder the site from ranking higher in the Search Engine Results Page.