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Patrick Georgiev

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Search Engine Optimization Techniques 2020

The Past

There used to be an emphasis on trying to ‘fool’ search engines by using multiple search engine optimization techniques such as having a number of keywords hidden in the background, using the same text colour as the background. Other techniques consisted of; stuffing the highest searched keywords within websites, like having famous artist names as keywords for pet shop websites.

It is in the interest of search engines to deliver the right content at the right time, therefore this was ‘breaking’ the value that search engines were offering. Just imagine, searching for a famous singer on a search engine and having a pet shop as the first result in the Search Engine Results page. Ever since, search engine algorithms have become increasingly sophisticated. The most famous one being Google’s Page Rank, has introduced penalty points for inadequate content, keyword stuffing and other ‘smart techniques’.


Starting Points

A good starting point to understanding what is important for search engines is visiting Search Engine Land. Browse through the content and keep updated about the latest news and updates. Your second step would be viewing the Search Engine Periodic Table.

The table is split into two categories;

  • On The Page SEO,
  • Off The Page SEO

‘On The Page SEO’ is what you can change and fix within the page while ‘Off The Page SEO’ are items that can be changed from the back-end or through time. For example, page authority is achievable in the long term because your site must establish its reputation as a leader in the market. We will be mentioning the rest of the points in other blog posts so stay tuned.

The Short & Long Term Strategies

These two main strategies define how much maintenance and cost you will be needing in the long run. Short-term search engine optimization techniques and strategies consist of focussing on keyword stuffing, purchasing affiliate links, creating bots to generate traffic on your site, etc. Once the search engines notice these techniques, your site will be given penalties. In addition, the search engines make regular changes to their algorithms, therefore the amount of maintenance will have to increase, because one slight change will have a large effect on your site’s rank. The long-term search engine optimization techniques and strategy consists of creating content that will please people and answer their questions. Detailed content should be present on your site and the user experience should be flawless so that you will capture the audience and keep them on your site as long as possible. Create videos, white papers, downloadable PDF files and keep it upbeat.

 The content will take at least 2 to 3 months to reach its highest possible rank, it might seem like a long time, but the articles, image, etc. will have a stable rank that will ensure awareness and reach. Whenever search engines change their algorithms, your content will remain stable because the focus is on quality, the same focus that search engines have.

The more efficient way of creating traffic and having a high rank is by focussing on your content quality. P.S it also has +3 points in the periodic table.


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