Patrick Georgiev

Patrick Georgiev

Digital Marketing Specialist & Founder of Growth Bus

Google AdWords Target Impression Share Bidding Strategy

The Target Impression Share aims to increase awareness and reach of ads.

Search Adverts are a good way to increase awareness and site visits because they target a user while he/she is searching for the specific product or service. The Target Impression Share Bid Strategy allows the user to select whether the advert will show ‘Anywhere on the Results Page’ (either at the top or bottom), ‘Top of the Results Page'(among the top three results) or ‘Absolute top of the results page’. The advertiser may also choose the percentage of times the adverts should show in the selected space.

How does the bidding work?

All the keywords within the campaign will show in the selected placement for the percentage of times that was indicated during the setup. It is important not to set a low bidding limit so that the automation will be able to outbid your competitors for each keyword auction.

When should this bidding strategy be used?

If you have a small SME that is based in the local market, it would not be ideal to use this strategy before you know which keywords work well for your business and who are your target audiences. We suggest that you should use the Manual Cost Per Click strategy in the beginning so that you can have full control of your budget and bids.


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