Content is King

How Does Content Effect SEO?

Search engines’ main task is providing the right content that will answer people’s questions. These questions are called Search Queries. A search engine’s performance is measured by the speed of delivering the right answer to the user.

Therefore, if a website simply has a static landing page, services section and a contact section, it will not directly answer the questions people might type in the search bar. For example, a search engine user may search for the following; camera brand X versus camera brand Y,

if the camera vendor does not have any information that helps a search engine user, it will not be shown among the top results in the Search Engine Results Page. Therefore it is important for a website to have a running news or blog section that shares well-researched information aimed at helping its clients or customers.
Images and videos also work in a similar fashion. At times, certain search queries also bring up a video section within the search engine results page. This can easily lead to your YouTube account and from there, a potential customer may visit your website.

Quality, Research & Words

It is important that your content shows that you have a good understanding of the field you operate in. Keep in mind the needs of your customer. Each piece of content should be geared towards helping them out. Therefore, keep in mind what the customer will search for and use such search terms within the content you are about to publish. Here is a snippet of Google’s guidelines on the quality of content; “For all types of web pages, creating high-quality content takes a significant amount of at least one of the following: time, effort, expertise, and talent/skill.”

Freshness & Vertical Content

Keep in mind the latest events, either pop-cultural or the latest trends. You can go online and find the latest events that have happened around you or check out a national and local holiday calendar so that you can build your content and launch it at the right time. Search engines encourage content creators to use different supporting media along with the main content. Have a number of images, videos and links that make the main content more exciting.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Search engine optimization is a lengthy process, therefore it is considered as a long-term investment to your site ranking. A well researched, 1000 word article will reach its highest rank within the search engine results page in 3 months. Images will begin showing up in around 2 days once you submit your sitemap to the webmaster tools, such as Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster.

The Strategy

Using Search Engine Optimization as a stand-alone strategy is not advisable. The reason being that once you start a website, you will need to get traffic on it. You can use a combination of channels at once such as; using Search Engine Advertising(short-term results) and Search Engine Optimization(long-term results). Once you publish any type of content, make sure that you amplify it by sharing it to your social media channels so that viewers will be directed to your website via links.

Final Notes

Content is King. It is important to keep your site updated for two main reasons:

Your customers/clients,

Search Engines.

Your customers will appreciate a frequently updated site that they can trust. By letting them comment on your content, you can begin creating a community of loyal customers that may become your brand advocates. Search engines have marked content as one of the priorities in ranking websites. Therefore, the more frequent you publish content, the higher your website will rank in the Search Engine Results Page.


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