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Patrick Georgiev

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5 Tips on choosing a website design company

  • 1. Compare the price to the type of Website Design Platform

    Many companies use blogging platforms such as WordPress and Magneto, however they charge their prices at the same rates as custom coded websites. To find out if their portfolio websites use the WordPress platform, have a look at the portfolio of the companies you’re interested in and try search for the urls. Paste the url in the search bar and at the end of it write: /wp-admin. If a login page comes up, it is using the WordPress platform. These websites should be at a lower cost because the content management system is already built.
  • 2. Ask about the company policies

    Many website design companies will go ahead and purchase the website’s domain name using their company’s profiles on internet domain registrars like Go Daddy. The issue is that they should transfer the domain to your business’ profile since it is your property. As a continuity plan, you should have all the control of your domain, because if you decide to hire another web design company, the previous company might not give you access to your domain upon learning that you will be terminating services.
  • 3. Ask about Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization is important to begin ranking your site and receiving free organic traffic. Most website design companies offer SEO, but they do not specialize in it. Be aware that in the case of a WordPress Based platform, the website design companies might install a plug in and create a Google Search Console profile for your site. There are many steps involved in SEO, both On-THe-Page and Off-The-Page factors. Ask the company whether they perform keyword research, because each page must rank for a unique keyword. If in any instance, more than one page has the same keyword, you will find your website experiencing keyword cannibalization. The website design company should also know how to edit the .htaccess file and the robots.txt files. It should create a sitemap.xml file for your site that is to be submitted on the Search Console profileHave a look at our latest SEO points to understand what SEO factors are important to focus on.
  • 4. Look at the Hosting Plans they offer

    Hosting refers to the online server in which your website’s files will be stored. Every time someone writes a website’s url in Chrome’s search bar, the files that have the code will be requested from online server. Look at the prices of the website design company and compare those to SiteGround or Amazon’s Web Service (AWS). It is important to keep in mind that if you’re planning on having a simple blog, do not go for the expensive options, since you will not need that space and speed. On the other hand, if you’re planning to have a large online shop that will reach large volumes of people, think ahead and get a dedicated Amazon Server.
  • 5. Website Design and Photography

    Photography is a vital part of website design. Look into whether the website design company will use its own custom photography or whether they will use stock photography. Keep in mind that stock photography is frowned upon because there is no passion or emotion given off. If you’re aiming to have a proper start up or company website, you will need photography that follows your business’ brand guidelines and colour scheme. Have a look at the Nike website or Pringles website, and you will be able to notice that the photography matches the colour scheme and the audience they are targeting.


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